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Last Updated: Nov 29, 2017 03:16PM WET

With Helppier you can customize all steps created.

Select Show Settings and toggle them according to your needs

Helppier allows the configuration of several step settings.With this article you’ll be able to learn about all the options available and the improvements that they bring to each step.

Select Control Options

Previous button (Default: Enabled) - By default, each step has an option in which the user is allowed to go back to the previous step. By disabling this option, the user will only be able to further proceed into the tutorial. [Disabling this option is advised in cases such as having an user being guided through a form in which he should not be allowed to go back to the previous page.]

Jump to (Default: Disabled) - Setting a step as a “Jump to”, allows the user to skip tutorial steps as long as the element selected for this step is already visible to the user. This option can only be applied in the first page of a tutorial and, as long as the element is visible, the tutorial will start from that step.
‘Jump to’ should be enabled on steps associated with submenus, for example. In cases in which the user has to perform an action over a menu to have access to submenu options,  which the user may have already performed before starting the tutorial, the user should not be asked to reopen the menu (which may lead to the menu closing) and should instead be guided directly to the submenu option which was already being displayed.

Auto Skip Step (Default: Disabled) - Activating this option allows the tutorial to skip this step, jumping directly to the next step in line. This option should be used, for example, in cases in which the element may not be available to a specific subset of users, but enabled to others.

Disable Element Action (Default: Disabled) - Enabling this action prevents the user from interacting directly with the element. This option only takes effect if the overlay is enabled for this tutorial. Disabling the interactions is useful when you wish to inform the user about what is about to happen in the process you are guiding him through, before giving him direct access to the page.

Element is sticky (Default: Disabled) - Setting a step as sticky, means that the step bubble will remain visible on the screen, even if the element itself no longer does.

Identify a Page Element

Using Text (Default: Disabled) - Detecting an element based on its text improves Helppier’s detection algorithm on specific cases. This option is disabled by default due to concerns such as different languages in which the element may be displayed.

Max. page load time (sec) (Default: Disabled ; Time: 5 seconds) - By default, Helppier attempts to display a step for a maximum of 5 seconds after which the guide will be stopped. Changing this option allows the admin to specify the amount of time desired for this wait. This option is mostly useful when a specific process such as displaying a section of the website or even a webpage may take longer than usual.
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