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One of the steps does not appear during guide play

Last Updated: Apr 11, 2017 10:53AM WEST
There are many reasons for a step not to appear:

Step Actions

Firstly you should make sure that you have chosen the right actions to make that step appear. To learn more about the range of actions you have at your disposal to start the various steps follow this link here.

Incorrect Element Selection

Secondly, the element could not be detected because it was incorrectly selected during the guide creation. If this was the case you can just Re-select the correct element. There are also some elements that cannot be selected automatically by Point & Click. For these elements you can associate a step to them through the HTML Selector.

Learn more in this article: “How to select your elements with precision?

Guide Started on a wrong page

Apart from the first step of a guide, which redirects you to the page where the guide can start, the following steps won’t start if you are not on the correct page for those steps. For example, imagine your users are in one page of the website and they start a new guide. If the first step of that guide is linked to an element on another page only, they will be automatically redirected there.

However, if the first step is common to various pages or is a Pop-up, even though you are in fact able to start the guide on the page you are right away, the guide won’t be able then to conjure the next step because this step’s element is in another page. If this happens you should make the first step of that guide start only in that one
specific page where the rest of the guide will then unfold. To see how to do this you can check our article

Step Element Hidden

A guide might be constituted by several steps. If a single one of those steps’ elements are hidden or not on the correct page, this is enough to make the guide break down and cause the steps not to appear. You should therefore make sure that all associated elements are working properly for each guide to function without interruptions.

Some elements are always hidden until that one moment when an user does something that makes those elements appear and it triggers the following steps. An example of such elements is, for instance, a calendar to schedule a demonstration, for which the next elements and steps associated with them will only appear if the user himself selects a date. This is one of reasons why certain steps will not appear during play guide.

Website Problems

Lastly but not least, if it happens that your website is having problems, such as slow site loading, the guide will also be affected and it might break down,  which results in some steps not appearing as the guide can’t continue/start.
Note: We suggest to check your speed score in Google using PageSpeed Insights tool. It generates suggestions to make your website even faster.
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