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How to Create Your First Guide

Last Updated: Jul 16, 2018 11:36AM WEST
After installing the widget on your website or web app, it will appear on top left-side of the page. You can drag around the webpage to move it to other location.

By clicking in the widget, a toolbar will be displayed.
To start creating your guides please click in the login icon (red one).

New Guide
Login with your credentials.

Click New Guide. 

Define the type of guide: you can choose between two types of interactive guides: Tutorial or Tooltip.
Give a name and add a description that define the content of your guide (optional).

Starting Recording
Click in the red Record iconYour screen will be in REC mode.
Start to select an element of your website or web app that you want to attach a guide step, and a red highlighter appear.

After selecting the element, a bubble will appear. Please enter the content (title, text or media). 
Customizing Steps​

Choose a description for the step, adding bold, underline, italic and strikethrough characters. 
You have 4 options: Edit, Layout, Actions and Advanced Settings.

Click Show Settings to customize the step.

Choose your Layout. You can also insert media, as images, videos and hyperlinks (via URL).
Define the type of guide steps you preferred in Actions.
See here more information about each type.


Define the type of steps settings you preferred.
See here more information about each type.


In the end, click in the Save icon to save it.

Preview and Play Guides: Before save it, you can preview how the guide looks. Click in the Play icon in the widget editor. To play again the guide, go to the List of guides created in the widget and select the guide you want. 

Stop Recording:
Repeat the previous instructions to create how many steps as you like.
Click in the Play icon to preview the guide created.

When you finish, click in the Save icon and then Close to stop recording and save the guide.

Check the Settings option by clicking in the Settings icon (on the top right-side of the widget).


You have 5 menus to edit settings, click here to learn more about these settings.
The first one is General Settings. Here you are able to Publish your guide or set as Draft.
You can also edit the name and description of the guide.

In Device Settings, you can choose in which devices you want to show your guides.


Integration Settings allows you to enable or disable the Overlay Screen (the screen turns black and highlight the step).
With our Feedback Form you can see what your users think about the guides you created. Feedback option is available in every step of a guide.
Display step number is available in every guide.

Pages Settings allows to select which pages you want to attach your guide. You can create new pages too.


More Settings
In Segmentation, you can show different guides for different types of visitors (first time, regular, etc.) by customizing the dimensions or values of any set conditions.

In AutoPlay, you can also choose if the guide will start as soon as the user enter the page, leave the page or for a first time user.



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